UtW – Practical Information


Accomodation and main location of the camp: Gödöllői Waldorf Iskola (Waldorf School of Gödöllő)

Participants will be accomodated in a school building. The school is about 15 minutes walk from the centre of Gödöllő and it’s very close to the park of the Royal Palace.

The participants will stay in classrooms with 6-8 beds and/or mattresses. Electricity, high-speed WiFi network, a large garden, a sport hall, a well-equipped programme room and a dining / social room will be available. There will be 2 bathrooms separated by gender. 

More information about the school in Hungarian: www.waldorf-godollo.hu


Inbound journey, meeting points and dates:

  • Option #1: 11 August 10:20 at Budapest Keleti pályaudvar (please buy your ticket to Gödöllő)
  • Option #2: 11 August 11:15 at Gödöllő train station
  • Option #3: 11 August 11:30 at Gödöllői Waldorf Iskola. Map: https://goo.gl/oIeoQL

Outbound journey, meeting points and dates:

  • Option #1: 22 August 16:30 at Budapest Keleti pályaudvar
  • Option #2: 22 August 15:45 at Gödöllő train station
  • Option #3: 22 August 15:30 at Gödöllői Waldorf Iskola. Map: https://goo.gl/oIeoQL

What to bring?
  • Appropriate clothing for 12 days including pullovers, raincoat and waterproof shoes. Please note that the majority of the programme will be held outdoors.
  • Swimming short / swimsuit
  • Gym shoes and clothing for the sport activities
  • Slippers
  • National student card (obligatory for travel during the programme)
  • National ID card (obligatory)
  • National health insurance card (obligatory)
  • Flashlight / headlight with batteries
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow (if you’d like to have one :))
  • Paper tissue
  • Shower stuff (towel, etc)
  • Smaller backpack for the daily programmes
  • Regular medications (if any)
  • Smartphone / camera (if you have one)
  • Pocket money (optional)
  • Board games, playing cards, etc (optional)
  • Sunshine and happiness 🙂
  • If you travel by car, we’d really appreciate if you could bring a mattress for yourself (or even for others). If you can do that, please let us know.

Partnerek, támogatók